Sunday, 13 May 2012

Manage Your Study Wisely


Hari ni i nak share pasal good time management sebenarnya. Title tu pulak macam ada tak kena je. Yeke, takkena? Hee, takpe lah, you alls faham kot. Baru baru ni, i ada pinjam buku, which titled 'Last Minute Study Tips'. I sajalah pinjam, tengok macam best je kan. Plus, i pon minat reading. You alls pon suka reading? Wah, kita se'geng' lah. HUHU.

so this is the book i told you :)
thank you mr google

Ada 6 prinsipal yang akan i share, terjah jom.

1. Find a place to study where you wont be interrupted
     - Whatever pleasant distraction free environment you select, you should find a specific place and designate it as the place where studying.
2. Be disciplined, but flexible at the same time
     - Dont beat yourself up for starting your reading at 10.15 when you had it slotted to begin at 10.10. Its a waste of energy.

3. Dont skip around, first things first
     - Finish one task before move on to the next task.

4. If something in your personal study routine doesnt work for you, toss it and try something new
     - For some people, study groups are a good idea. For others, absolute quiet is the best while studying. But what actually the best is experiment until you find what makes you most productive and then stick with it. 

5. Write everything down
     - Eg. If youve got a good idea, dont waste it, quickly commit it to paper. 

6. Take care of the equipment
     - Your mind and body are the superb assets, so dont misuse them. Get the sleep and nutrition you need.

#footnote: Goodluck In Your Study :)

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